Khoi Haus

The Project

Design an laneway loft house which has living quarters and a service

Design Intent

The laneway loft house called khoi hau is design for a rock climber/ geologist. The idea was to combine these two profession/hobbies to create a building which suit them.

The loft house is broken to three separate area. these are live, play and work.
The live is the private area which is 6000mm high from the ground to give the area more natural light and privacy.
The play is where the 9000mm rock climbing walls with a glassed roof to make the area look taller than it is and bring in natural light.
The work is the front area which everyone comes in first. the area has minimal natural light to recreate the idea of entering a cave. But when you start walking into the play area, more natural light begins to come into the building recreating the idea of you exiting the cave.

There is a stairwell which takes the owner and visitors from the work are to the living area which is narrow and long and has no natural light to give the idea
of a small tunnel/cave which you are going into.

design studio 1 Assignment 3 jonathan le